The Research on Automatic Generation and Innovation of Three Degrees of Freedom Planar Multi-link Mechanism

Shi-fu XU, Chao WANG, Chen-cong XU, Ya-nan JIANG


Based on the basic principle of regenerative chains and combined with the innovation method of type synthesis and basic chain structure method, the software is produced with Visual Basic 6.0 and is used to program of the automatic design of regenerative motion chains, the establishment of the motion chain map and the topology library within 3 degrees of freedom below 8 links is completed. At the same time, the single hinge and multiple hinges are selected to achieve the establishment of complete graphs of all single hinge and multiple hinges of 8 links. Based on kinematic chains and topology maps, feature constraints are introduced, examples of multiple hinges are given, and a simplified diagram of the innovation mechanism is formed to realize the integrated design of institutional innovation.


VB, Regenerative, Topology maps, Single hinge, Multiple hinges, Innovation.


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