Evolution Laws of 7B04 Aluminum Alloys Pitting Corrosion Topography Characteristics and Size Parameters

Zhi-guo LIU, Chuan CHEN, Xin-shu LI, Ming-ming JIA


Pitting corrosion is a typical damage of aircraft aluminum alloys structure which is attacked by the chloride ions in service environment, and the corrosion pit topography characteristics will eventually affects the fatigue property of aluminum alloys structure. In order to obtain the evolution laws of corrosion pit topography in different corrosion period, the pitting corrosion test of 7B04 aluminum alloy specimen was carried out according to the accelerate corrosion test environment spectrum which was programmed from the true service airport environment data, based on the electrochemical corrosion mechanism of aluminum alloy pitting corrosion and the accelerated corrosion test result, the evolution laws of 7B04 aluminum alloy pitting corrosion topography characteristics during different corrosion period was analysed through the corrosion topography parameter C which was defined by the pit surface area and the least rectangle area of the typical corrosion pit area, it was found that the C parameter gradually tended to be 0.8 with the corrosion period prolongation which indicated that the corrosion pit surface geometry inclined to be circle or ellipse. The evolution laws of 7B04 aluminum alloys pitting corrosion topography characteristics could set research base for further corrosion fatigue life analysis of the aircraft 7B04 structure.


Aluminum alloys, Accelerated corrosion test, Pitting corrosion, Topography characteristics, Size parameters.


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