Research and Application of Sensor Detection Technology for UHF Partial Discharge Tester

Guang-ke XU, Ling-ying CHEN, Wei-wei ZHANG, Xing LI, Yu-xin YUN, Fu-chun SUN


UHF partial discharge tester can detect the hidden insulation problems and locate the defects as early as possible. At present, there are more and more manufacturers and kinds of species, and product quality is difficult to guarantee. The application unit is not able to effectively test the UHF partial discharge tester, and the accuracy of test data cannot be guaranteed. The faulty tester may cause missed or wrong test and cause immeasurable loss to the power system. Based on the reality, this paper studies the detection technology of UHF sensor, and applies it in the laboratory to effectively trace the source of the sensor to ensure the accuracy of the data of the tester.


Sensor detection technology, UHF partial discharge tester, Sensitivity, Equivalent altitude.


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