Improvement Strategy of Car-hailing Service Quality Based on System Dynamics

Qi-liang REN, Ling-ling WU, Zi-han MAO, Zi-yu ZHAO


In order to improve the car-hailing service quality, this paper adopted system dynamics. Based on the simulation of the system model, the improvement strategy of car-hailing service quality was proposed. The system boundary was determined from the car-hailing service environment quality, service interaction quality, service result quality, and other aspects. Relying on Vensim policy simulation function, this paper simulated the impact of car-hailing service quality changes on the car-hailing about the business income of the vehicle, the number of users of the car-hailing, the size of the car-hailing, and the GDP of the city. Research shows that the improvement of the network service quality of the vehicle service to the network business Revenue, network users, number of vehicles, and urban GDP have a positive effect.


Car-hailing service quality, System dynamics, Policy simulation, Improvement strategy.


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