The State of the Art and Future Perspective of Intelligent Blast Furnace Ironmaking

Xue-gong BI, Jin-dong ZHOU, Wei XIONG


In a BF-BOF steel plant, the blast furnace ironmaking is the kernel step whose energy consumption, pollutants emission and production cost share are all the highest. Any small improvement of blast furnace efficiency implies great social and economic benefits. Artificial intelligence has contributed to the improvement of blast furnace process and will do it even better, i.e. realizing a higher and higher efficiency within a longer and longer period of time. This paper described our achievement in the field of artificial blast furnace ironmaking and made a comparative analysis against some other BF AI systems applied in Chinese steel industry, showing our system was superior in respect to availability, accuracy and return on investment. Future research topics have been proposed for promoting the development of artificial intelligent BF technology.


Blast Furnace Ironmaking, Expert Knowledge, Artificial Intelligence, Efficiency Improvement, Long-period of Time.


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