Consistency Analysis of Accelerated Degradation Mechanism of Smart Meter Based on Grey Theory

Zheng-mao WU, Si-hai LI, Yong WU, Yin-jing FENG


This paper proposed a new method to analyze accelerated degradation mechanical consistency of smart meter based on gray theory. Firstly, the existing methods are compared with each other especially on their weakness. And then a new degradation mechanism consistency analysis method was revealed based on gray prediction within gray theory. Finally, two gray prediction models, which are GM (1,1) and equal dimension new information , are elaborated. What follows are the procedure and specific process of this new consistency analysis method. An enhancement test of smart meter was applied with the grey prediction method, which verifies this method.


Gray prediction, Degradation mechanism consistency, GM(1,1), Equal dimension new information, Smart meter, Stressful test.


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