AdaBoost-SVM Based Undergraduates Evaluations

Guang-liang CHEN, Huan TENG, Fan ZHANG, Sheng-liang YUAN


The quality of undergraduates' training directly reflects the quality of university education. Therefore, the study on the evaluation of undergraduates' cultivation quality is of great significance to the improvement of college teaching and management. In this paper, the evaluation of undergraduates' cultivation quality was decomposed into three criteria (knowledge, quality and ability), 14 sub-criteria and 39 observation points. The calculation method of index weight was in vestigated, and the AdaBoost-SVM model was used to evaluate the cultivation quality and rank of college students. The experiments indicated that the method is reasonable and effective, and the evaluation results are consistent with the actual situation.


Cultivation quality evaluation, Indicator system, Support vector machine, AdaBoost.


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