Research on Model of Laser Navigation System and Obstacle Avoidance for Orchard Unmanned Vehicle

Yuan-jie WANG, Guan-ting PAN, Chun-lu XUE, Fu-zeng YANG


To explore the application of laser scanner in the navigation and obstacle avoidance on orchard unmanned vehicle, based on the SICK laser scanner, we established the global coordinate system model, the local coordinate system model and the laser polar coordinate system model and took a person as obstacle detection target and tested the perception results of SICK under different standing postures. The results showed that if the person stand 45° with the scanner, the scanner detection range is 3-6m. The errors between the laser scanner measured width and the actual width of each calibration target were within 5%. In the measuring range of 3 m, the reflectivity had no obvious influence on the measurement accuracy of laser scanner. Compared with the actual value, the average error of waist circumference data obtained by laser scanner at different standing postures was only 5.03%. The results could provide theoretical and data support for the formulation of laser navigation strategy and the development of laser navigation system.


Laser Navigation System, Orchard Unmanned Vehicle, Obstacle Avoidance.


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