Study on Characteristics of the Rope Grab Mechanism of a New Rope Climbing Robot

Qing-hua LIANG, Xuan QIN, Fan-feng PAN, Yi-hui ZHAO


According to the design requirements of the horizontal rope rescue, a new rope climbing robot system based on the working mechanism of the cam type ascender is designed. This robot system is capable of free reciprocating movement on the preset horizontal ropeway and two-way self-locking at any position of the rope. This paper analyzes the design principle and structural characteristics of the two-way locking clamper, and designs the general structure of the robot system. Force analysis of grabbing process, development of the prototype and experiments are also done. The results show that the rope grab mechanism has advantages of small size, simple structure, reliable clamping and strong climbing ability. Moreover, this mechanism has good grabbing characteristics because of no relative slippage on the grabbing interface of the rope.


Horizontal rope climbing robot, Rope grab mechanism, Cam type locking clamper.


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