Development of Multifunctional Greenhouse Agricultural Robot

Yi-bing ZHAO, Chao ZHANG, Yin-tang NI, Shun HE, Xiu-lan WEN


This paper developed a multifunctional greenhouse agriculture robot. Firstly, combining the advantages of wheel-tracked type and gantry frame type structure, the robot mechanical structure is designed, which includes three-axis motion mechanism, robot mobile platform and end-effectors. Secondly, the electrical design is completed. Raspberry Pi is selected as the main control due to powerful function, low cost and rich information and circuit design software Fritzing is used for robot hardware modeling. Multi-axis control algorithm for stepping motor is proposed. Finally, the robot prototype system is developed and each function is verified by experiments. The results show that the designed robot can not only be applied to many stages of greenhouse planting growth, complete data collection and perform farming tasks, but also has the advantages of high efficiency and low cost. It is easy to be popularized and applied in Greenhouse.


Agriculture robots, Multifunctional end-effectors, Greenhouses planting.


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