Energy Recovery Simulation Research of Demolition Robot Rotation Hydraulic System

Peng CHAI, Yu-wan CEN, Xiao-hua YE, Jian-zhong HUANG, Li-hua WANG


When the robot rotates to brake, the oil circuit of the system will produce greater pressure impact due to the large moment of inertia. High pressure oil overflows through the relief valve, then the overflow back pressure provides negative torque to brake the turntable. The rotational kinetic energy is finally dissipated in the form of heat energy, resulting in the waste of energy and the increase of oil temperature as well as the decline of system performance. Therefore, a scheme of recovery and utilization of rotary kinetic energy is proposed, that is, to recover the kinetic energy of the turntable during the rotary braking and to use the recovered energy as auxiliary energy during the rotary start-up. Virtual.Lab-Motion and AMESim are used to establish the joint simulation model of the electromechanical and hydraulic system of the demolition robot. The simulation results show that the energy recovery efficiency of the scheme can reach over 65%, and the comprehensive energy saving efficiency can reach about 10%.


Demolition robot, Hydraulic System, Energy Recovery, Joint Simulation.


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