Research on Admittance Control Simulation Based on Simechanics

Qing GAO, Jiang LIU, Ya LIU, Xin-cheng TIAN


Firstly, the kinematics of the robot and the principle of admittance control are analyzed. Then, the kinematics model and spatial contact model of 2R robot are established. Furthermore, the robot model and admittance controller are established in Simechanics. Finally, the model is simulated and validated in simulink, and the influence of admittance control parameters on control effect is studied by using control variable method. The results show that the force at the robot end can quickly stabilize to the given force. The mass and damping parameters in admittance control have a great influence on the response speed of the system. The stiffness parameters determine the static error of the system.


Robot, Simechanics, Simulink, Admittance control.


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