Simulation Research on Liquid Level Cloud Model Control of Double-Tank System

Jun-feng ZHANG, Chao LI, Peng QIANG


The double-tank system, representative in the research of process control system, is a typical time-delay object featured by large inertia, nonlinearity and strong coupling. In this paper, the control system of double-tank system in the process control laboratory is used as the research object, the mathematical model based on the combination of cloud model and PID is established and the simulation research of the double-tank system is carried out. The experimental results show that on the basis of PID, coupled with the cloud model control system, the response speed of the system can be accelerated, the overshoot is reduced, the adjustment time is greatly shortened, and the dynamic performance and steady state performance of the system can be improved.


The double-tank system, PID control, Cloud model control, Simulink simulation.


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