Research on MMC-IDCPFC Control Strategy for Multi-terminal Flexible HVDC Transmission System

Ming-guang ZHANG, Yun CAI, Zi-lin LIU, Cheng-ming YANG


To solve the problem of grid connected and large-scale green and clean energy accommodation, flexible AC/DC transmission technology has become a research hotspot in recent years, and power flow control in DC network is a major problem. In this paper, A novel adaptive DC voltage droop control strategy based on MMC-IDCPFC for multi-terminal flexible HVDC transmission system is proposed.The integral loop is introduced into the droop control to realize the effective control of the power flow of the DC system by MMC-IDCPFC.Finally, a three-terminal MMC-HVDC system based on MMC-IDCPFC is built on PSCAD/EMTDC simulation platform, and the simulation results show that the proposed control strategy is correct and effective.


MMC-MTDC, Multi-terminal AC/DC hybrid network, Power flow control, Improved droop-control strategy.


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