Research on the Mechanism of Innovation Driven Growth of Small and Medium Sized High Tech Enterprises

Jun LIU, Jian-feng YUAN, Wen-bo CHEN


"Innovation driven" is the party's eighteen put forward in the new period development strategy, small and medium-sized high-tech enterprises is an important carrier of "innovation driven", how to use innovation to drive its growth has attracted much attention. The enterprises based on the perspective of ecology, starting from the characteristics of driving the growth of small and medium-sized high-tech enterprises innovation, analyzes the small and medium-sized high-tech enterprises innovation driven growth of four mechanisms (innovation needs a mechanism, supply mechanism of innovation and innovative cooperation mechanism and innovation mechanism of Catalysis), by issuing questionnaires and collected data to the 197 in small and medium-sized high-tech enterprises, and the use of structural equation model to carry out an empirical test.


High tech enterprises, Structural equation model, Growth mechanism, Innovation driven.


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