Research on the Development of Zhoushan Combined Transport between River and Sea Service Center

Jing XIANG, Jia-hong WANG, Wan-zheng AI


Zhoushan had the unique advantages and foundations for the construction of the Combined transport between river and sea Service Center. At the same time, The conditions for the transformation and upgrading of the national logistics transportation system are have .Zhoushan New District naturally endows these. In China, river-sea combined transport is mainly used in the Yangtze River Delta region and the Pearl River Delta region. The main mode of transportation for foreign trade import and export is this. The transportation process is reduced in this way, and the entire ship can be transported from the river to the sea using the same ship, saving a lot of money. Zhoushan Combined transport between river and sea Service Center is not a simple shipping service. The Yangtze River Golden Waterway and North-South shipping and international shipping, building a high-level, high-efficiency river to sea, world industrial port, seaport, trading port, information port and hub are all built by Zhoushan combined transport between river and sea. This is necessary to accelerate the economic development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt and the Zhoushan New District.


Zhoushan Combined transport between river and sea Transport, Combined transport between river and sea Service Center, Zhoushan's geographical advantage, Economic coordinated development, Development countermeasures.


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