Safety Problems in Typhoon Weather of Anchored Fishing Vessels in Zhejiang Coast

Xiao-xia GU, Qing-bo WEI, Jia-hong WANG, Wan-zheng AI


Coastal fishing boats play an important role in the development of our economy. Typhoons have always had an important impact on the safety of fishing boats along the coast. Coastal mooring fishing boats are smaller in size and weaker in typhoon resistance than bulk carriers and container ships. This paper studies the safety guarantee of fishing boats in zhejiang coastal areas in typhoon weather. By consulting and studying relevant literatures, the influences of external conditions and ship conditions on the safety of fishing boats are discussed respectively. Finally, this paper summarizes the measures to cope with the typhoon weather, by analyzing the impact of various aspects.


Typhoon, Coastal mooring fishing boat, Safe, Haven, Measure.


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