A New Dual-response Behavior Chemosensor Based on 2-(1H-dithienobenzoimidazole)-pyridine Unit for Hg2+ Detection

Lu DIAO, Ren-jie WANG, Shuang ZHOU, Gang LIU


A novel chemosensor has been synthesized by using 2- (1H-dithienobenzoimidazole)pyridine (DBP) as a receptor unit. The compound was highly selective towards Hg2+ with significant absorption change, which could be easily seen by ‘naked-eye’. Moreover, it showed highly sensitive towards Hg2+ with obvious fluorescence change from bright blue to dark in methanol. The limit of detection for Hg2+ detection is determined to be 3.17 × 10–8 mol L–1 according to fluorescence titration, and the stoichiometry between DBP and Hg2+ is calculated to be 1:1. Therefore, the DBP could be used as a potential candidate ‘naked-eye’ colorimetric sensor or a “turn off” fluorescence probe for Hg2+ detection.


Chemosensor, Naked-eye detection, Hg2+, “Turn off” fluorescence.


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