Network-based Reconfigurable CNC System Technology with On-machine Monitoring and Intelligent Maintenance

Rong-qun HU, Yi-ren ZHOU, Zhi-qiang GUO, Chao ZHOU


A network-based monitorable CNC system was constructed. In order to adapt to the development trend of open CNC system, a four-level open system architecture model is constructed. The model can meet the requirements of functional structure adjustment and subsequent function expansion to realize the function integration of CNC system and the monitoring and processing of machine tool running status. The real-time acquisition of quality and the need for secondary card loading have established a prototype of the CNC system based on the embedded monitoring unit and the on-machine quality detection unit. Based on the analysis of the development status of machine tool monitoring, an embedded monitoring unit based on DSP + A RM architecture is built. This unit can monitor the running status of the machine in real time and connect seamlessly with the CNC system through the field bus. The flexible hardware and software configuration based on the change and demand of monitoring targets utilizes an open architecture and embeds a quality inspection unit to achieve on-machine acquisition of geometric information of the workpiece being machined. The research results provide a feasible solution for the integration of CNC equipment maintenance and system functions.


CNC system, Condition monitoring, Quality inspection, Hierarchical bus.


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