Performance Analysis of Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Deep Routing

Jun HAN, Shu-fang ZHANG, Bo HU, Jia YOU


Underwater wireless sensor networks communicate through acoustic signals. In UWSNs, deep routing protocols are used as special routing algorithms to transmit data to controlled flows. How to balance power consumption and end-to-end delay is an urgent problem to be solved for deep routing protocols. Based on the deep routing protocol, this paper establishes the expected energy consumption and end-to-end delay mathematical model to evaluate the performance of the underwater wireless sensor network. Through the analysis of expected energy consumption and end-to-end delay, the expected energy consumption and end-to-end delayed weighting cost function expressions are given. The expressions can effectively evaluate the performance of underwater wireless sensor network parameters and can be used as the basis of optimization configuration for parameter designing.


Deep routing protocol, End-to-end delay, Energy consumption, Underwater wireless sensor network.


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