Research on Controllable Information Network Framework

Hua LI, Chang-sheng WANG


The current single, isolated network security technologies make it hard to deal with diversity, hidden network attacks, the existing network security architectures are facing various challenges. According to the network control theory, the basic closed-loop structure can be adopted to the network architecture, so that the whole network system can work in a stable and self-running form. The concepts of system-level feedback and component-level feedback are firstly proposed. The component-level feedback control loop includes security function units, and system-level feedback control loop mainly includes security controllers. Furthermore, the vertical expansion structure and the lateral expansion structure are proposed. Finally, a novel controllable information network framework is proposed, which combines multi-level feedback and coordinated control. This provides a novel way to solve the problem of network security and design the future network framework.


Controllable network, Multi-level feedback, Coordinated control.


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