The Principle and Accuracy Analysis of Automatic Target-Scoring System Based on Acoustic Detection

Xue-hai TANG, Ju-hua YIN, Hai-guang LI, Xing-hao FENG


This paper derived the principles of 3-station TDOA (time difference of arrival) location and 4-station TDOA location based on acoustic detection, and the theoretical accuracy analysis of the two kinds of TDOA location is carried out. Under the assumption that the time difference measurement error is linearly related to the distance of sound propagation, the influence of different station distribution modes on the location accuracy is analyzed. The results show that with reasonable distribution of measurement points, the automatic target-scoring system based on acoustic detection can meet the requirement of impact measurement in missile test range. Compared with traditional target-scoring system, the automatic target-scoring system based on acoustic detection has its unique advantages, such as unattended, fast, automatic and high-accuracy. The research has engineering reference and practical applied value.


Automatic Target-Scoring System, Acoustic Detection, TDOA, Location Accuracy.


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