The Problems of Standardization of Ground-to-Air Missiles



The article presents the issue of determining tactical and technical premises for proposed standards of calibres of ground-to-air missiles. The possession of the missile-to-air missile systems by the state is not an end in itself, or a way of mutual allied settlements, and is a requirement of the modern battlefield. In connection with the decisions made in the Wisła program, only the Narew program implemented by Polish enterprises can improve the air defense capabilities of the country and operational forces. The proposal for the standardization of ground-toair missiles is aimed at defining the requirements for these missiles to such an extent as to increase the sense of security of citizens in peacetime, while, in wartime, the loss of human life and infrastructure will be reduced. During military operations, the state of air defense is no longer of such importance for the state authorities, because the authorities are evacuated in the face of threats, because they are the greatest asset of the nation. In the case of combat operations, the standardization of arms systems is the basis for logistical security. The purchase of rocket equipment for half an hour of combat is pointless, because, during this time, there will be no direct contact with the opponent, while the potential opponent probably has supplies for many hours of combat activities. If it is planned to start combat operations on its own, it makes sense, because, after the firing of the first volley, there will be no more. Therefore, the authors draw attention to the benefits for Polish society resulting from the development of an anti-aircraft system for the Narew programme by Polish companies and serving primarily to secure the air defense of the country. Corporate lobbyists should not write requirements for weapon systems, because the only weapon system compliant with their requirements will be those that are offered by the corporations that hired the lobbyists.


missile, classification of battle missiles, missile destruction zone, warhead, weapon system, Polish enterprisesText


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