Research the Possibilities of Increasing the Effectiveness of the System PATRIOT/PAC 3 Using Modernized Ones High-Maneuverable Air-to-Air Missiles WICHER



The article presents the issue of increasing the capabilities of PATRIOT antiaircraft and anti-missile sets planned for purchase by the Ministry of National Defense under the WISŁA program. The authors of the article proposed the use of offset options offered by the WISŁA program, as well as the cooperation of companies within the WB Electronics group with the Ukrainian armaments industry the producer of missile R-27. The article analyses the possibilities of increasing the potential of the PATRIOT battery through the use of high-manoeuvre missile R-27, which, thanks to Polish-Ukrainian cooperation, could be modified to the extent that they can be fired from the PATRIOT/PAC-3 system launchers. The results of exemplary simulations were presented, the purpose of which was to determine the cost/effect ratio in the context of the operational capabilities of the PATRIOT system equipped with native PAC-3 medium-range missiles and short-range missiles in the form of modified air-air missiles of the R-27 class. The WB Electronics initiative of building anti-aircraft missiles is an opportunity for companies grouped in the WB group and for many companies and scientific institutions that could be involved in the process of rocket technology production and development in Poland. A modern missile system is not only a missile and its control system, but it also includes chemical production technologies (propelling and explosive materials), precision mechanics, advanced communication and fire control systems, flight control and tracking, proximity sensors and igniters, and navigation systems. It is also a necessity to appoint and obtain competences, for example, for servicing them, which is often overlooked when deciding to buy a missile technique.


anti-aircraft defense, missile systems, concept of self-defense system, missile technologies, share of Polish enterprises, PATRIOT systemText


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