Monitoring of the Mining Powered Roof Support Geometry



The paper presents the results of research on the geometry measurement system of a powered roof support using inclinometers that meet the requirements of the ATEX directive. Coal mining is most often carried out using a mechanized longwall system. The longwall system includes basic machines, such as a longwall shearer, a longwall conveyor, and a powered roof support that secures the roof of the excavation. The powered roof support consists of sections that are hydraulically or electro-hydraulically controlled and are equipped with pressure sensors in selected places of the hydraulic system and displacement sensors for selected actuators. One of the challenges associated with controlling and monitoring the parameters of the powered roof support section is the mapping of its geometry and mutual arrangement of individual components. KOMAG Institute of Mining Technology has designed and made a geometry monitoring system based on inclinometers that meet the requirements of the ATEX directive. System tests were carried out on a real object in laboratory conditions. As a result of the research, the influence of the structure of the powered roof support on the accuracy of geometry measurement and mapping was determined. The results of the tests will be used during the implementation of the system in real conditions.


Mining, longwall system, powered roof support, automation, monitoring, geometry measurementText


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