Research on Trade Patterns in the ICT and IP Services: An Empirical Study of the US during the Period of 2005-2017

Fei WANG, Yang YU, Hui-long LI


The United States is the ultimate top leading service exporter in the world. Telecommunications, computer, information (short as ICT below) services and Intellectual Property (short as IP) services are essential contributors to America’s service export. However, whether the big trade surpluses in accordance with their comparative advantages of the above mentioned services, or the net export income coming from strategic policies are problems to be solved. Analyzing NXR, RSCA and H indicators which measured America’s ICT and IP service exports pattern from 2005 to 2017, this study has found that in ICT category, there exits distortions among the above three measurements, which hints the US government has adopted policy stimulus to prompt ICT service exports, however, the same measurements show consistency in IP category, which reports IP export of the US featured with free trade mode. Further researches based on this paper have been undertaken.


Comparative advantage, Trade pattern, Distortion, H index.


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