The Mentoring Effects in Use of New Technology Systems



A less than successful implementation of ERP system can be a disaster or for organizations, at least, a hug setback. Hence, industry put great efforts searching solution to ensure a success of implementation of new ERP system. On the other side, mentoring, has long came to be recognized as an effective manageable tool to build and share core competent knowledge within corporate. A familiar user of a new enterprise information system may require the transmission of exhaustive business knowledge for the use of new technology. It may alter the methods of training used in inculcating a particular skill. There is, however, only very limited research addresses to the effects of mentoring on new ERP system implementation. This paper argues that mentoring can play an important role in affecting user satisfaction and intention to continue use. The research result showed mentoring does play a significant moderating role between high and low mentored groups.


Mentoring theory, Adoption of new technology, Intention to use new technology


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