Research on On-line Practical Teaching of Programming Courses

Ya-li QI


In order to improve the programming ability of undergraduates, the practical teaching reformation of programming courses is carried out based on outcome-based education (OBE). With the aim of ability training, the original knowledge-centered training mode will be gradually shifted to the ability-centered training mode. Aiming at programming courses, this paper designs a practical teaching assistant platform for students, builds an environment for students to study independently and actively, and sets up an incentive mechanism to stimulate learning potential of students. This reformation has reversed the phenomenon of high scores and low abilities in the past, focused on the cultivation of students' abilities in practice, improved students' ability of programming and solving practical complex problems. The actual operation activity proves that on-line practical teaching plan in this paper has a significant effect on improving students' programming ability.


Practical teaching, Code plagiarism detection, On-line examination, Outcome-based education


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