The Effect of Elasticity Moduli of Materials on the Peri-implant Bone

Zhi-hong MAO, Fan LIU, Yu-lin ZHOU


The purpose of this study was to discuss the effect of elasticity moduli of materials on the peri-implant bone using three-dimensional finite element methods. Firstly three materials with different elasticity moduli (Ti, golden alloy, and Zirconia) were selected. Then, a mandibular segment model with the implant system was created by Geomagic studio and Solidworks. Lastly, ANSYS workbench was used to analyze the stress distribution on peri-implant bone tissue. Based on the results of this study, there is stress shielding on the dental implant with material that had much greater elastic modulus than the bone did, but it is no obvious difference between these three materials. Moreover, an oblique force had a greater impact on cortical bone than a vertical force did.


Dental implant, Elasticity modulus, Mechanics properties


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