Research on Pneumatic Hammer Used in the Experiment of Forging Process Course

Fei HAN, Gang CHEN, Wei-wei WANG, Hong-yun ZHAO


In order to provide simple and practical experimental equipment for the experiment of forging technology course, based on the impact cylinder, the pneumatic hammer used in experiment of forging process course was developed. According to upsetting deformation energy of the lead specimen and the biggest impact energy of impact cylinder, inner diameter and piston stroke of cylinder were chosen. According to the working principle of impact cylinder, the control circuit of the impact cylinder was designed, the electrical components and control components were selected and used, the support bracket of impact cylinder and the anvil block were designed and manufactured. When air pressure is 0.7 MPa, the switch is pressed, after delay the hammer head moves downward at a high speed. The pneumatic hammer has simple structure, small footprint, low noise and vibration. Its impact energy can meet the need of upsetting deformation of lead specimen with a diameter of 20mm at room temperature.


Pneumatic Hammer, Impact Cylinder, Control Circuit, Support Bracket


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