Modeling of Integrated Energy Service System Based on Ontology

Fei-xiang GONG, Ning-hui HAN, Shi-ming TIAN, De-zhi LI


Integrated energy system integrates the production, transportation, distribution, conversion, storage and consumption of all kinds of energy. The complex structure of integrated energy system makes it difficult to model by analytical method. At present, the modeling of integrated energy system is mostly static modeling of all kinds of equipment in the system, and the coupling and logical relationship between the new equipment and each part is not clear, which makes the further development of integrated energy system, planning and operation meet certain difficulties. In this paper, the integrated energy system is modeled by ontology. Ontology modeling enhances the interoperability between heterogeneous systems, making data transmission between different systems or tools; Ontology improves clarity and reduces the cost of requirement analysis by describing problems and tasks.


Ontology, Integrated Energy Service System, Complex Structure


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