3D CFD Simulation of Water Hammer in High Pressure Common Rail System of Diesel Engine

Hai-feng SU, Ying-zhe LUO, Li-na QU, Guo-sheng FENG


The water hammer pressure triggered by injection in the high pressure common rail system play a major role in precise controlling of diesel injection. In order to obtain a deep insight into the existing transient three-dimensional effects, a three-dimensional computational fluid dynamics (3D CFD) simulation of water hammer was performed. An adequate mesh and suitable physical model was generated using a commercial code. The transition SST model was applied to simulate the three-dimensional hydrodynamic calculation of the oil supply lines of high-pressure common rail systems. The accuracy of simulation was verified by comparing the results with experimental data. The fluctuation characteristics of pressure and velocity in high pressure oil pipeline and the three-dimensional flow field effect of pipe radial direction were analyzed in the course of water hammer pressure fluctuation propagation in high pressure common rail system. 3D CFD simulation can show more details than traditional methods.


3D CFD, High pressure common rail, Water hammer pressure wave, Transient flow field


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