Computer Simulation Study on Microstructure Evolution of Super Alloy During Tube Extrusion Deformation

Ling-yi WANG, Zhong-tang WANG


In view of the evolution law of the dynamic recrystallization of super alloy IN690 during tube extrusion forming process, a method of combining finite element software and organization evolution model is put forward to simulate the microstructure evolution of the deformation process. First, a computer simulation geometry model for tube extrusion process of super alloy IN690 is established. Secondly, model of the dynamic recrystallization microstructure evolution and material properties and extrusion process parameters are determined. Thirdly, the functions of the microscopic organization simulation in the calculation software are developed secondly, and the related UGRAIN subroutine is compiled. Finally, the computer simulation of the microstructure evolution in the tube extrusion deformation process is carried out, and the ideal results are obtained, and the influence of process parameters on the dynamic recrystallization and grain size is analyzed. The results show that with the increase of extrusion deformation temperature, the area of fully dynamic recrystallization increases, and the average grain size of the tube increases. With increase of extrusion ratio, the area of fully dynamic recrystallization increases and the average grain size decreases. With increase of extrusion speed, the area of fully dynamic recrystallization decreases and the average grain size increases. The simulation results of the average grain size are in agreement well with the experimental results, and the relative error is less than 12%.


Computer simulation, Super alloy, Tube extrusion, Dynamic recrystallization


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