A Novel Differential System Construction Method for Complex Surface Based on Aerodynamic Design

Dan-lei YE, Xin JIANG, Guan-ying HUO, Cheng SU, Ze-hong LU, Bo-lun WANG, Zhi-ming ZHENG


In this paper, a novel complex surface construction method for aerodynamic design is proposed based on differential system. In order to simplify the process of calculating and analyzing the flow field above the surface, we introduce a high-dimensional truncation method of Navier-Stokes equations to transform the complex partial differential system into an ordinary one. Concretely, we excute the Fourier expansion along some selected directions which are called wave vector sets, preserving the local properties of the solutions of Navier-Stokes equations. Further, we use the truncated ordinary differential system to describe the shape of complex surface. Experiments show that our differential system construction method for complex surface dedicated to aerodynamic design has better fitting results than the traditional linear fitting method.


High-dimensional truncation, Navier-Stokes equations, Nonlinear ordinary differential system


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