Technological Emergence of Social Media Networks



With the increasing importance of social media network in everyday life, social media networks are also enhancing their services either just to stay in the market or to stay on the top. On the other hand manufacturers of mobile devices and computers are also trying to get on the peak, some with advanced processors, some with increased timings and speeds while some others with increased intelligence. Therefore peoples are getting more attracted towards new technologies and social media networks and thus resulting into increased number of active users on the social media networks. Although the initial need for computer was for faster long computation due to which ABACUS was invented as very first computer and for long distance efficient wireless communication a mobile phone was invented yet the concept of computer today is an electronic machine with faster actions performed by many different software packages along with internet services on the other hand a mobile phone has become a smart mobile phone which is not only limited for wireless communication. In this paper we have studied the emergence of social media networks with the technologies due to evolution in technology, software engineering and evolution for social media networks.


Information Networks, Social Networks, Social Media, Information and Communication Engineering, Data Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision


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