Parameters Identification of Dynamic Characteristics of Sliding Joint Surface of Linear Motor Feed Drive System

Qian-gan CHENG, Jian-fu ZHANG, Zhi-ju WU, Ping-fa FENG, Ding-wen YU


The dynamic characteristics of joint surface have great influence on the performance of machine tools. To investigate the effect of the electromagnetic attraction on the the joint surface between the sliding block and linear guide, an approach for identifying dynamic characteristics of sliding joint surface in linear motor feed drive system was proposed based on modal experimental analysis and response surface method. An indirect test method for vertical electromagnetic force of linear motor was proposed, and the finite element analysis model was established. The dynamic characteristics of linear motor feed drive system was identified by finite element simulation analysis and modal testing. The feasibility of the method was verified and the error is within 9%.


Joint Surface, Linear Motor, Dynamic Characteristics, Stiffness Identification


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