Speech Encryption Method Based on Two-Dimensional Henon Mapping

Qiu-yu ZHANG, Gai-li LI, Yin-jie HU, Deng-hai ZHANG


Chaos is a behavior controlled by nonlinear dynamic law and has high sensitivity to the initial key, In order to realize the secure storage of cloud speech files, and improve the encryption and decryption efficiency of speech files during the uploading and downloading process of encrypted, we present a speech encryption method based on two-dimensional Henon mapping in this paper. Our approach utilizes the chaotic sequence generated by the Henon map, and then XORs and modulo subtracts the sequence from the original speech-generated matrix, and finally obtains the encrypted speech. Experimental results show that the proposed method has good key sensitivity, correlation, and encryption efficiency and security.


Speech signal, Encryption/Decryption, Two-dimensional Henon map, Chaotic sequence, Logistic map


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