Status and Analysis of Fault Diagnosis in Wireless Sensor Networks

Yu-jie ZHU, Ying-chun ZHONG, Fang LI, Jin-chao XIAO


Wireless sensor networks (WSN) have great potential to support various applica-tions such as military, intelligent transportation, environmental monitoring, medical and health fields etc. It is the important for timely and accurate diagnosis of wireless sensor network faults to be the guarantee of reliability and stability. Based on the domestic and international research status of fault diagnosis technology, this paper summarized and analyzed the source and classification of wireless sensor network faults. And then the centralized techniques and distributed algorithms in the fault detection techniques were elaborated according to the main position of the diagnosis fault. Finally, the challenges of future research and development of sensor network fault diagnosis were discussed.


Wireless Sensor Network, Fault Diagnosis, Centralized Method, Distributed Method


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