Study on the Countermeasures of E-government Cloud Security Supervision in Shandong Province

Ming-le ZHOU, Su-xiang LIU, Meng YU, Xi-kai DING


Regarding the cloud security supervision of e-government in Shandong Province, although the supervision units have now established a hierarchical protection testing mechanism and related technical means, there is no effective targeted technical means for security monitoring of important websites and important information systems, which cannot fully grasp the system security situation, clearly and accurately judge the existence of security risks, at the same time, there is no active monitoring and prior detection of loopholes of the ability and means. Based on the development of e-government cloud in Shandong Province, this paper analyzes the trend of e-government cloud security supervision in Shandong Province, proposes a feasible e-government cloud security supervision system, clarifies the security responsibility of cloud service providers, users and managers, controls security risks, and guarantees the security of government affairs information system to go to the cloud.


E-government cloud, Cloud computing, Security supervision, Cloud supervision platform


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