Improved Force-Directed Layout Algorithm for Social Network Visualization

Sheng-Nan ZHANG, Xin JIANG


In large-scale social network visualization, the layout results often have visual confusion such as overlapping nodes, crossing edge, and lack of highlighting of key nodes. Therefore, this paper proposed an improved force-directed layout algorithm. Based on the FR algorithm, we considered the degree of the nodes, adjusted the repulsive force, and then highlighted the key nodes according to the degree of centrality and betweenness centricity of the nodes. Furthermore, when calculating the distance of gravitation or repulsion between two nodes, we considered the size of the node itself, and the "boundary-to-boundary" distance for avoiding overlapping between nodes was introduced, thus the clear community structure division was obtained. The experimental results show that the algorithm fully demonstrates the key information and clear community structure of social network, and has practical application value.


Visualization, Social network, Force-directed layout, Key nodes


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