Remote Monitoring Method for Transplanting Process in Greenhouse Based on B/S Network

Zhang XIAO, Yu TAN, Zhen-yan ZHAO


Transplanting operation is an important part of seedlings cultivation in greenhouse. Remote real-time monitoring, data storage and control of transplanting operations are beneficial to acquire the data of greenhouse transplanting operations in real-time and guide the production of greenhouse transplanting operations through data analysis. This research proposed a remote monitoring method based on the B/S network technology. Firstly, take the server installed with the MySQL as the core and save the transplanting process data which is collected by the field terminal to the database. Secondly, build a Web server with the IIS 7.0 platform and design the websites with Adobe Dreamweaver software. Finally, display and storage the data of the transplanting process in real-time through the websites which are accessing the database. After testing, this remote monitoring method of the greenhouse transplanting operation is effective and reliable, and it has certain theoretical reference significance for the intelligent control of transplanting operations in greenhouse.


Remote Monitoring, Transplanting, Greenhouse


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