The Transformation of the Development Mode and Construction of New Ecosystem of China's Leisure Sports Industry in the Age of "Internet +"

Chen-liang DENG, Zhao-hua TANG, Chuan ZHOU


China is actively promoting the "Internet +" action plan, which will have a profound impact on all walks of life. On the basis of analyzing the development status of China's leisure sports industry, it analyzes the opportunities and challenges brought by "Internet +" to China's leisure sports industry from the perspective of opportunities and innovations, and proposes "Internet +" to promote the transformation of China's leisure sports industry development mode. The path and the construction of a new ecosystem of China's leisure sports industry in the era of "Internet +" will provide a reference for China's leisure sports industry to actively grasp the opportunity of the "Internet +" action plan and seek its own development.


"Internet +", Leisure sports industry, Opportunities and Challenges, Transformation Path, Ecological Construction


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