Return Good For Good?—Experimental Study Based on an Emotion Game

Zhi FAN, Ya ZHOU, Ke-qiang LI


Payoff, emotion, environment and strategy will affect players’ actions in a game. An emotion game has the features of separating the payoff’s effect from an emotion’s effect on decision-making. In this study, the human subject played repeated emotion games with his computer opponents who were randomly selected according to a fixed probability in different altruistic environments, and the payoff for each human subject was not decided by his own action. We demonstrate the influence of emotion and environment on strategy. We find that altruistic actions will increase with the degree of environmental friendliness, but friendliness without punishment will not only play a positive role, but will also change people’s coping strategies and make people more prone to speculation and vengeance. An opponent’s unfriendly behaviour in a friendlier environment can make people feel more dissatisfied and retaliate more.


Emotion game, Emotion, Environment, Strategy


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