Design and Development of the Wheel-legged Robot Dog Kara

Ke-ping SUN, Dong-chao YANG, Xu CHANG, Pei-xin LU, Heng ZHU, Ken CHEN


Due to its advantages of high speed, good stability, easy control, low energy consumption and strong adaptability to complex terrain, the wheel-legged robot dog has developed rapidly in recent years. The common wheel-leg switchable robot dog has a simple structure, but it needs to be equipped with four wheels, which will not only affect the appearance and the working space of the joints near the wheels, but also result in a more complex control. Kara designed in this paper, which is a wheeled mobile robot when its thighs and shanks are closed or a quadruped robot when its thighs and shanks opened. The results of gait planning and dynamics simulation show that Kara has simple structure, easy to control and can achieve both stable wheeled movement and legged walking.


Quadruped Robot, Wheel-legged Robot, Wheel-leg Transformable, Wheel-leg Switchable


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