Test System Based on PLC Control for Intelligent Water Injection Tool

Guang-zheng JIA, Qian GAO, Guang-xu PAN, Yu-xi LI, Guan-peng JING


In order to provide a simulating environment for water injection tool test, a set of test system controlled by PLC was developed, including the high-pressure water output unit, the flow detection unit, the simulating wellbore unit, the bypass unit and the back pressure unit. The remote monitoring of the test system was realized by using MCGS configuration software, combining with sensors, PLC and industrial PC. It can acquire, store and display experimental data in real time and make the evaluation of the work performance of the intelligent water injection tool more comprehensive and intuitive. The characteristics and functional principle of the system are introduced, and the flow and pressure control are verified to meet the design requirements through some function experiments.


Intelligent Water Injection Tool, Test System, PLC Control; Electro-hydraulic Control


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