An Analysis of the Trends and Countermeasures of 3D Printing Industry Logistics Development in China

Mo KUANG, Da KUANG, Qing-rong WU, Su-qin LIN


With the rise of personalization and the breakthrough of printing technology, 3D printing industry is rising, which has been used generally in multiple areas and industries day by day. For the manufacturing, as well as for the logistics industry, the 3D printing is a subversive technology that can make heavily impact to the traditional production and transportation. From the perspectives of the 3D industry, this paper analyses the present situation and trend of 3D industry’s logistics and supply chain and its problems during the development. Then we have some countermeasures and suggestions about the logistic support of the development of 3D printing industry. The 3D printing technology represents a new trend in the development of manufacturing industry, so it is predicted to promote the realization of the third industrial revolution with other digital production model. And this mode of production will certainly have a huge impact on today's business model and production model. To catch trend of 3D printing, which is well-developed recently, logistics enterprises should keep pace with the times and adjust themselves to the 3D printing industry. This paper analyzes the 3D printing industry and the development of logistics and supply chain. Then, on the basis of it, we put forward some suggestions to develop the logistics and supply chain of 3D printing industry (§4.1-4.3). From the perspective of logistics and supply chain of 3D printing industry, we can get the reason of the rapid development of 3D printing industry, as well as the status and future development trend of logistics industry. In addition, the research on the current situation of industrial logistics with good prospects for development will help to sort out the situation and problems, put forward suggestions and countermeasures, which will have an important guiding role for the future development of the logistics industry of 3D printing industry.


The logistics of 3D printing industry, Current situation and trend, Countermeasure analysis


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