Effect of Different Standard Light Sources on the Red Color of Rhodochrosite

Rui-xing ZHENG, Ying GUO, Yao YAO, Jia-yi GAO


Based on the uniform color space CIE1976L*a*b* system, the color of rhodochrosite is characterized by three elements: lightness L*, chroma C* and hue angle ho. On the basis of the color analysis of rhodochrosite, the standard D65 light source, A light source and CWF light source were used as experimental light sources to explore the influence of different light sources on the three color elements of rhodochrosite, and comprehensively analyze the influence of different light sources on rhodochrosite color. The conclusion is that A light source can improve the L* value and C* value of rhodochrosite to make it more bright and brilliant, which is suitable as the display light source of rhodochrosite; and CWF is not suitable as the illumination light source of rhodochrosite.


Rhodochrosite, Chromaticity, D65 light source, A light source, CWF light source


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