Research and Application on Numerical Simulation of Heavy Rail Steel in Continuous Casting Process

Liang CHEN


According to the solidification process features of rail steel and continuous caster parameters, the solidification heat transfer mathematical model and grain growth models were established. The two models were coupled mathematical model called CA-FE model. Some parameters, such as superheat of molten steel, casting speed, specific water flowrate were researched. Tests show that Reducing super heat and specific water flowrate, improving the casting speed, were beneficial to the growth of the equiaxed grains, opposite to columnar grains. The superheat was 22℃ to 25℃, casting speed was 0.70 m/min to 0.75m/min and specific water flowrate was 0.22L/kg to 0.23L/kg that was benefit to the overall quality of rail steel.


Rail steel, Casting speed, Superheat, Specific water, Equiaxed grains, Columnar grains


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