Numerical Simulation of a Pintle Variable Thrust Rocket Engine

Chun-guo YUE, Ying DU, Chao NING, You-hong ZHANG


The most prominent feature of variable thrust rocket engine were a large scale changes in working conditions and the adaptive control of the thrust. With proper design and manufacturing pintle injector, high performance and inherent combustion stability could be typically delivered. So, the pintle injector became perfect select of variable thrust engine. With the support of powerful calculation ability of CFD software Fluent, integrative simulation research on the flux-orientation variable thrust liquid propellant rocket engine was developed. Numerical simulation of interior flow field of a variable thrust rocket engine with flux-oriented injector was done. The distributions of pressure, temperature, molar fraction of product and flow mach numbers were attained. By the contrast of the calculation results, the effects of structure parameters and working condition etc. on total whole performance of variable thrust rocket engine were analyzed. The results also provided theoretic references and valuable information for design and optimization of future variable thrust rocket engine. The results also provided theoretic references for design and optimization of variable thrust rocket engine.


Variable thrust rocket engine, Pintle injector, Numerical simulation, Inner flow field, Performance, Fluent


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