To Go Where we Have Never Been to: 3D Real-Time Visualizatuion of Terrain Database

Nan WANG, Xiang-dong WANG, Hai-rong SUN


3D visualization is important content of digital terrain information space performance. Based on high-precision bathymetric data by NOAA and high-resolution satellite image data, this paper construct the seafloor at the Mariana Trench and the lake Superior scene data model, which roaming anywhere at any angle of view in the 3D terrain scene are interactively obtained and dynamically presented the nature looking in real-time truly and intuitively using Vega-Prime system. As the benefit with using 3-D visualization technology, we can go to visit places where we have never been to.


Multi-beam system, Bathymetric data, Seafloor, Underwater terrain, 3D visualization


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